Red Oak Wide Plank Floors

About Our Red Oak Wide Plank Flooring – Quercus Rubra

• Customize your Red Oak floor – choose your plank widths and lengths, your grade and cut of Red Oak, and your surface and finish options. We make it just for you. Our slow growth Northern Red Oak tongue and groove wide plank floors are a classic choice for any interior. There are over 60 species of Oak in the United States. Northern Red, grown in the northeastern United States, is prized for its color, superior strength, and tight grain—the result of colder weather and shorter growing seasons.

• Northern Red Oak is a very hard and impact-resistant wood, ideal for high traffic areas. Red Oak scores a 1290 on the Janka hardness scale, making it among the hardest of all the North American hardwood floors.

• We mill live sawn Red Oak, rift sawn Red Oak, quarter Sawn Red Oak, and plain sawn Red Oak floors.

• Red Oak floors are more open to receiving stains and finishes than many other wood floors.  Because Red Oak pores absorb stain so well, a wide variety of finish tones from light to dark can be achieved. As a result, your Red Oak flooring can be finished bleached, natural, dark espresso–or anything in between.

• We offer custom unfinished or custom prefinished Red Oak wide plank floors.

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