Post and Beam & Timber Framing Timbers from Hull Forest Products

We mill Red Oak, White Oak, and Pine timbers for framers around the world. Ideal for traditional timber frame construction, our timbers have been used to build structures from Alaska to Ireland. We don’t do joinery or assembly; we provide the sawn and surfaced timbers for your builder. 

Oak timbers are available in various dimensions from 8-26 feet long. Pine timbers are available 18 feet and longer. Timbers are also available grade stamped and end waxed.

Southern New England grows renowned quality Red Oak, White Oak, and Pine for structural timbers.  Because of our climate, the wood grows slowly and is very dense, with more growth rings per inch, increasing the wood’s strength. 

Hull Forest Products has manufactured structural timbers for nearly half a century; whether you are building a traditional or contemporary timber frame home, we have the timbers for you, as well as wide plank flooring, wall and ceiling paneling, custom stairs, and exterior siding that will last for generations to come. 

We mill a full line of locally grown building materials from responsibly managed family forests, and we are happy to offer you unique wood for your home.  We are the sawmill, you are the customer; it doesn’t get any more direct or affordable than that!

For more information, contact us or call 1-800-353-3331.