10 Reasons to Choose Hull

  1. Value.
    Every aspect of our business is built around delivering the most value possible to you, our customers. We produce the highest quality products at the lowest possible cost. This is reflected in the flooring testimonials we have received from satisfied customers. 
  2. Price.
    Our flooring, lumber, timbers, and other wood products are available at a very competitive price, thanks to our Yankee ingenuity, our local sourcing and harvesting of wood, our computer optimized manufacturing, and our mill-direct distribution. We offer our products direct from local forests to you—no middlemen, no distributors—just top quality solid wood at an excellent price.
  3. Quality.
    Hull Forest Products has manufactured heirloom quality solid wood forest products for our customers for generations.  Our flooring and paneling come in a variety of widths, lengths, and edge profiles—something you just can’t get from other producers.  All our forest products meet or exceed National Hardwood Lumber Association (NHLA) standards. We air dry our lumber before it enters our state of the art kilns, creating a superior quality product.
  4. Experience.
    We are experts all the way through the process of bringing wood from forest to floor and have over 56 years of experience in forest management, timber harvesting, lumber manufacturing, and customer service.
  5. Guarantee.
    Your satisfaction is guaranteed. We stand behind (as well as on) our floors and expect them to stand up to generations of use. If a problem arises that is attributed to our manufacturing or to a defective product, we will replace the material.
  6. Renewable Resource.
    Unlike most building materials and floor coverings, wood is 100 percent renewable.  When you choose a forest product, you support wood as a commodity and ensure that it will continue to be grown and harvested sustainably. Learn more about why using wood is good for the environment.
  7. Sustainable Forestry.
    Our wood is grown in the United States and it is harvested responsibly.   This means that the forest ecosystem remains healthy and intact and the forest remains productive. In addition, the Hull forestlands are certified to FSC forest management/chain of custody standards by the Rainforest Alliance.
  8. Open Space Preservation.
    When you choose us to supply your wood products, you support an agricultural business that is protecting the forested landscape as well as wildlife and plant habitat, clean air and water, and open space.  In a world of ever increasing sprawl, our forests are a buffer against land fragmentation and habitat loss. We manage the woods with wildlife in mind and harvest carefully.
  9. Forest Conservation.
    Because we make our living from the woods, we want the woods to thrive. Our ongoing forest protection efforts have permanently protected thousands of acres from development. Much of this land is open to the public for recreation.  We are proud of the working landscape of forests we own and those we manage for our forestry clients.
  10. Health.
    Wood is good for the indoor air quality of your home. According to the EPA, exposure to indoor air pollutants is often 25-100 times greater than to outdoor ones.  Unlike carpeting, vinyl, or laminate wood products, solid wood does not release toxic fumes.  It is an organic material with which humans have safely lived since the dawn of time. And unlike carpeting, wood does not trap bacteria, mold, and dust, so using wood can help to reduce the number of allergens in your home.
Our state-licensed foresters work with landowners in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island as well as southern New Hampshire and Vermont and eastern New York to help them manage their forest resources.
Live sawn wood floors are sawn straight off the log, allowing for wide planks with a variety of grain patterns.