Pine Wide Plank Floors

Eastern White Pine is a naturally pale wood, but it absorbs stain readily so a wide variety of finish tones from light to dark can be achieved with a Pine floor. Browse our wide board pine gallery to see some of these variations.

About Our Wide Plank White Pine Floors

Customize your pine floor. Choose plank widths and lengths, grade, and surface and finish options.  We make it just for you!

Pine is a softwood and part of its charm is that it develops a patina of wear over time. Traditional wide plank pine is one of our best selling floors, especially popular because it quickly develops an “aged” look. If you do not find wear charming, you should consider a harder wood or think about installing pine in lower traffic areas, such as second floor rooms.

Eastern White Pine played an interesting role in American history. Because it grows so tall, it has historically been used for the masts of ships. When an act ordering American colonists to reserve their tallest White Pines for the masts of British naval vessels was enforced in New Hampshire, it outraged colonists. Though forbidden to cut “any pine tree of the growth of 12 inches of diameter,” it became unfashionable to have floor boards in one’s home that were less than 12 inches wide.  In 1772 a sawmill owner in Weare, New Hampshire was arrested and fined when white pine logs with the king’s broad arrow mark were found at his mill.  He and a group of about 40 townspeople rioted, attacking the sheriff and his deputy and literally running them out of town in what became known as the Pine Tree Riot.  This act of rebellion against British authority was an inspiration for the Boston Tea Party that took place the following year.

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