Ash Wide Plank Floors

Ash plank flooring has an elasticity that makes it an excellent choice for use with radiant heat or in areas with high humidity. Its hardness and superior impact resistance make it a great choice for any area of your home.

About Our Ash Wide Plank Flooring

Customize your Ash floor. Choose your plank widths and lengths, your cut and grade of Ash, and your surface and finish options. We make it just for you.

Our tongue and groove wide plank Ash floors are durable, making them ideal for high traffic rooms.  Because Ash wood is strong, straight grained, and slightly springy, it has traditionally been used for baseball bats, canoe paddles, and tool handles (and we still make Ash lumber for these purposes).

Ash sapwood is very white and Ash heartwood, where the oldest growth lies, is pale tan to darker brown in color. Ash has a bold prominent grain. Left unstained, the unique and bold grain pattern of ash flooring really stands out, and it can resemble fingerprint swirls or the type of wood grain you typically see in faux bois.

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