Walnut Wide Plank Floors

North American Black Walnut is a hard and durable wood, scoring a 1010 on the Janka scale. We make custom unfinished Walnut floors and custom prefinished Walnut floors. Walnut flooring provides a dark floor naturally, without the use of stain

Walnut. Juglans Nigra

• Our wide board North American Walnut floors are available in a variety of cuts and grades. You can customize your Walnut floor – choose your plank widths and lengths, grade, cut, surface, and finish. We make it just for you. Floors ship nationwide direct from our mill and come with a lifetime quality guarantee.

• Historically Black Walnut trees have been prized for their nutritious nuts; their nutshells, which are a source of brown-yellow dye; and for their wood, which exhibits a rich chocolate brown color, is very hard, and yet easy to work.

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