Maple Wide Plank Floors

Maple. Acer.

• You can customize your Maple flooring – chodose your plank widths and lengths, grade, and surface and finish options. We make it just for you! You probably know Sugar Maple as the tree whose sap is boiled to make maple syrup.  Well Sugar Maple floors, also known as Hard Maple floors, have excellent resistance to abrasion and wear, making these Maple wood floors ideal for high traffic areas.  (Cutting boards are made out of Hard Maple for a reason!) Hard Maple is also the wood of choice for ballroom and gymnasium wood floors.

• Soft Maple flooring (also known as Red Maple flooring) has properties similar to Hard Maple. Though called “soft maple”, Red Maple is only soft in relation to Hard Maple and is actually very similar in appearance to Hard Maple. Red Maple floors have a hardness comparable to Cherry floors.

• Maple trees grown above the 38th parallel, as ours are, are renowned for their very tight and uniform grain—the result of the shorter growing season.  This makes the wood of northern Maple trees extremely durable.

• The appearance of Maple flooring varies depending on whether the floor is a natural run of heartwood and sapwood (resulting in some color variation) or whether the floor has been selected for blonde sapwood only. The wood of some maples exhibits unusual figure or markings, as shown in our Tiger Maple floors and Ambrosia Maple flooring.

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