Lumber FAQ

How is your lumber different from that of other companies?

All of our lumber is made from wood grown in the northeast United States, resulting in slow dense growth and tight growth rings. Our Red Oak is the highest quality on the planet, and provides excellent color, clarity, and a high yield for our customers.

What steps do you take to ensure quality control?

Quality control is essential to our business, and we make every effort to ensure that our products consistently meet customer expectations, whether the customer is overseas or next door. We are an NHLA certified sawmill; we follow NHLA rules and standards, and we employ NHLA certified graders. We work hard to earn and keep the confidence of our business partners.

What does Hull Forest Products’ National Hardwood Lumber Association (NHLA) certification mean?

It means that you, the customer, get the assurance of knowing that the NHLA is monitoring our sawmill’s grading to guarantee that it meets or exceeds industry standards and specifications. It means that when you place an order, you get the quality and consistency you expect, every time.

Where do you export lumber?

We started exporting our lumber in the 1980s. As our brand penetrated the market, people began asking for it. We provide consistent quality products to our European, Asian, Middle Eastern, African, and North and South American customers, and our brand is now widely recognized around the globe.

Can you provide custom grades or proprietary grades?

Yes. We are receptive to working with custom or proprietary grades (ours or yours). Some examples of special grades we offer include: 1 face 2 edge clear Red Oak strips, rustic grades, clear 4 side strips to your specific dimensions, etc.

What products are made with your lumber?

Our highest grades of lumber are used for cabinetry, molding, millwork, and flooring. Our mid-grades of lumber are purchased by large flooring plants to make prefinished flooring in a variety of name brands that you see in box stores. Our lowest grades of lumber are used for pallets and railroad ties.

How does your optimized edger offer the customer more yield?

With our optimized edger, we can set up edging programs to largely eliminate the customer’s poorest yielding widths (for example, random width 2Com with no material 4 ½” to 5”, which might be the customer’s lowest yielding width).

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