Birch Wide Plank Floors

About Our Wide Plank Birch Floors

Our birch wide plank floors are made from Northern Yellow and Black Birch. These woods have beautiful grain and lustrous sheen. Sometimes a rippled figure occurs in the wood, known as curly or flame Birch.

Custom made: Choose your plank widths and lengths, grade, cut, and surface and finish options. We make it just for you.

Durability: Wide Birch hardwood floors are durable and offer good impact resistance.

Color: Our birch wide plank floors are made from Northern Yellow and Black Birch. The outer portions of our Birch floor planks have paler wood, while the inner parts have a rich brown to reddish heartwood. In the Natural grade, our wide Birch floor planks feature pin knots, mineral streak, and other character markings. We also make a Red Birch floor.

When we’re sawing Birch, it smells wonderfully minty in the mill. Black Birch, also known as Sweet Birch, was once the source for commercial oil of wintergreen.

Let us help you find your perfect floor

Our family has made wide plank flooring for over 59 years, and we enjoy creating enduring floors that are a healthy and environmentally friendly solution for our clients’ homes.

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