Tree Length Firewood For Sale: Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island

Providing local, renewable, homegrown wood fuel to southern New England.

Log length firewood is a product derived from our forest management activities. We deliver around 3,000 cords per year of tree length firewood directly to local homeowners and firewood dealers, and we sell another 3,000 cords per year on the stump to loggers who have a firewood business.

The typical price for our log length firewood is currently $850 per load, with 7 to 8 cords per load. (There is a 7 cord minimum). Firewood log lengths are predominantly 20-24 feet. Seasoned wood may also be available upon request. Pricing assumes we are delivering within 25 miles of a current job.  The price may increase if you are more than 25 miles from the source. 

Please note that your delivery location must have tri-axle truck access, and that we do not deliver east of routes I-95 or 495 in Massachusetts.

For more information, email our forestry department or call us at 1-800-353-3331.