North American Forest Products

Hull Forest Products is committed to practicing responsible forestry and producing sustainable forest products that will meet the needs of society and protect the future of working forests.

  • Hull Forest Products manufactures over 10 million board feet of North American forest products per year and maintains over 50,000 acres of company and client forests, an in-house timber harvesting division, and a forestry consulting service for landowners.
  • By combining the latest in manufacturing technology with a vast raw materials base and an unflagging commitment to forest conservation, we are able to offer our customers unsurpassed quality, value, knowledge, and service.
  • Our New England mill specializes in wholesale kiln dried and green lumber, flooring, dimension products, and log exports. We ship from both the port of  New York / New Jersey and the port of Boston.
  • Species: Ash, Birch, Cherry, Hickory, Hard Maple, Soft Maple, Red Oak, White Oak, Pine, Spruce, Hemlock. All of our wood is sourced from the Northeastern United States, a region renowned the world over for its strong and superior hardwoods.
  • Facilities: sawmill with optimized edger; plain sawing and quarter and rift sawing, 240,000’ capacity biomass-powered kilns, planing mill and dimension plant
  • Everything we harvest in the forest has a use, and nothing goes to waste. Logs too small for milling become firewood.  Bark, wood chips, and sawdust left over from our manufacturing are recycled into mulch, biomass fuel, animal bedding, wood pellets, and reactive playground surfacing.
We strive for optimum efficiency. Our first-of-its-kind optimized edger gives us more yield on each log, reducing waste and costs so we can offer our products mill direct to you at the lowest possible price.