Plan Your Project

Getting Started

Careful preparation and planning before you purchase a floor is the key to satisfaction. And long-term customer satisfaction is our top priority.  (After all, you may be living on our slice of nature for decades to come.)

We walk you through every step of the selection and buying process.  First we listen to your ideas and learn about your design elements, then we send appropriate literature and samples for you to review in your home. We are always here to answer any questions you might have. 

You may want to start by browsing the photos in our  wood floor species galleries. Our wood flooring blog is full of useful information that can help you narrow your selection. And our flooring sales consultants (well trained in the attributes of wood) are available to discuss options, styles, prices, and features of our floors as they relate to your design requirements. Once you’ve refined your search, we encourage you to request actual samples of our products for review.  

When to Buy

Construction schedules vary greatly, and it can be difficult to project exactly when flooring will be needed. In most cases the total lead time required on our floors is 4-6 weeks, however this time can be greater if you have special requests or require unusual items. We recommend you speak with a consultant to determine the best time to order. In most cases we estimate 4-6 weeks milling time, 0-1 week shipping time, and 1-2 weeks acclimation time in your home, for a total of 6-9 weeks from time of order to time of installation.

We are here whenever you need us.