Select Grade – Ash Flooring


Plank length range
4 to 10+ feet
Average plank length
7+ feet
3/4 inch
Milled profile
Tongue and groove four sides, slight microbevel on long edges
Unfinished floors available with smooth or skip planed surface. Prefinished floors available with smooth surface only.
Lead time
4 to 6 weeks for most orders. Additional 2-3 weeks for prefinished orders.
Available unfinished or prefinished. Contact Us for custom prefinish options and pricing.
Widths available in this grade
3 to 7 inches

Fraxinus Americana.

This solid tongue and groove wide plank floor is made from select grade Ash, our highest grade of Ash flooring.  Available unfinished or prefinished.

Floors, baseball bats, canoe paddles, and tool handles are among the historic uses for White Ash. The wood is strong, with a bold, prominent grain, and it is slightly springy.  Ash’s slight elasticity is what makes it so strong and useful. Sapwood is cream colored and heartwood, where the oldest growth lies, is pale tan to darker brown in color. Ash flooring is also available sorted for pale sapwood only.

Ash has superior impact resistance, making it a great choice for any area of your home.