New Quarter Sawn Oak Floors


Quarter sawn white oak flooring.
Quartersawn White Oak shows off the wood's medullary rays and fleck, a hallmark of Arts and Crafts furniture.

For those of you interested in quarter sawn flooring, here are some pictures of a gorgeous quarter sawn White Oak floor we made for a client on Long Island. The homeowners loved the look of quartersawn White Oak, and they even incorporated some of the leftover boards to make stair treads.


Quartersawn white oak flooring from Hull Forest Products.
Our select grade 8" wide quartersawn White Oak floorboards in a Setauket, Long Island home. This floor has a light brown stain and a Sutherland Welles Murdoch tung oil finish.

When a log is quartersawn, it is sliced at a different angle than when it is plainsawn. As a result, the radial and vertical grain of the wood is revealed instead of the tangential grain.  The rippled figure and flecks and medullary rays you see in quarter sawn wood are only visible when the wood is quarter sawn. One of the benefits of quarter sawn wood, besides the different grain, is extreme dimensional stability.  You can check out more of our quarter sawn floors here.

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