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Category: Quarter and Rift Sawn Flooring

  • Wide Plank Wood Flooring In The Kitchen

    Wide plank wood flooring in the kitchen? Yes. Wood adds a warm and organic element to what is often the most modern room in the house. Wood also contrasts well with sleek or metal kitchen surfaces. On trend for 2018,  more homeowners are choosing to add wide plank flooring as a way to put their […]

  • Why You’ll Love Rift and Quarter Sawn Oak Floors

    For those of you interested in quarter and/or rift sawn wood floors, we’ve put together this post to show off some of the quarter and rift sawn wood floors we’ve made for clients lately. We are always happy to send  samples of our wood floors, but sometimes it’s hard to tell from a single board […]

  • White Oak Wide Plank Floors

    White Oak. Quercus Alba. Considering a White Oak wide plank floor? You’re not alone. White Oak is one of the most popular species of wood flooring in the United States, though not as popular as its cousin, Red Oak. Renowned for its impact resistance and beauty, white oak flooring makes an eye pleasing and practical […]

  • Quarter, Rift, or Plain Sawn Wide Plank Floors?

    Have you ever wondered about the difference between quarter, rift and plain sawn floors? Well, here’s a primer for your reference. The way a log is cut by the saw will determine the orientation of the grain in the wood. This post discusses the difference between 1.) plain sawn floors – the default way of […]