Hull Timbers Help Restore Tilden House

The circa 1725 David and Abigail Tilden House, Canton, Massachusetts. Photo credit: Canton Historical Society.

When the Historical Society of Canton, Massachusetts set out to restore the town’s circa 1725 David and Abigail Tilden House, they turned to hardwood sawmill Hull Forest Products for white oak timbers that could be used to replace rotted structural members in the first-period building.

Delivery day for a second shipment of white oak timbers from Hull Forest Products.

Hull Forest Products arranged the harvest of the white oak trees (from southern New England) and milled them into timbers that the preservation carpentry team at Tilden House could use to sister the old beams and replace the worn out timber sill.

The new white oak timber sill in place at Tilden House.
New meets old as new oak posts and beams are cut to join with extant parts of the orignial frame.

Hull Forest Products was excited to play a role in the preservation of the structure. Canton Historical Society has plans to use the restored house as a living history museum and study house to understand early construction techniques. You can learn more about the project at