Why Plank Length Matters in Wood Flooring

length shot eastern white pine floorboard

This guy stands 6′ 5″ but is dwarfed by our very long Eastern White Pine floor plank.

The lengths of the floor boards you choose for your room will have a big impact on the overall look of your floor.  Longer plank lengths create a clean visual line because there are fewer end or butt seams/joints (places where the ends of the boards butt up against each other). In fact, depending on the dimensions of your room, you might be able to eliminate butt seams all together by using long planks.  We frequently get requests from clients looking for long planks in order to avoid butt joints on their floor.

Red Oak wide plank flooring, Norwich, Connecticut

Figure 1: Wide and long board red oak flooring brings a sense of history to this reproduction colonial home. Longer planks create a cleaner visual line with fewer butt seams.

In contrast, using shorter planks will result in more end seams on your floor, and if you go with especially short boards, you will get a patchwork effect. See figure 2, below:

look of shorter floor boards is patchwork-like

Figure 2: Using shorter plank lengths (the ones shown are around one to two feet long) results in a patchwork effect. If this is not the look you are going for, you should consider longer planks.

At Hull Forest Products we offer two length classes: long and extra long.  Long is our standard length class, which features much longer average plank lengths than other manufacturers (generally 3 to 8 feet long), but at the most budget friendly price.  Extra long (generally 6 to 15 feet) is for those who want a truly luxurious long and wide plank floor.

To get long and extra long lengths, we have to start with very high quality timber so we can saw it full length off the log without having to cut around defects. Most wood floors out there today feature shorter lengths because they are made by cutting around defects in lower quality wood.

Long and wide floor planks are our specialty; please let us know what we can make for you. 1-800-928-9602.

About Mary Hull

Mary Hull grew up with a sawmill in her backyard and is the third generation in her family to manufacture wide plank wood flooring. She is co-owner of Hull Forest Products, which uses locally grown and sustainably harvested wood to make NHLA-grade hardwood lumber and exceptional wood floors.


  1. We visited you at the Home Design Show, and just wanted to say how impressed we were with your company, its philosophy, and approach. Greg took the time to talk to us at length about it, and listened to or thoughts on wood in general and our love of working with it. Our work will probably never involve your products, but we still really appreciate what you’re doing!

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