Natural – White Oak Flooring


Plank length range
3 to 8+ feet or 4 to 10+ feet
Average plank length
6’+ or 7’+
3/4 inch
Milled profile
Tongue and groove four sides. Unfinished floor planks have a square edge profile. Prefinished floor planks have a microbevel on the long edges.
Unfinished floors available with smooth or skip planed surface. Prefinished floors available with smooth surface only.
Lead time
4 to 6 weeks for most orders. Additional 2-3 weeks for prefinished orders.
Available unfinished or prefinished. Contact Us for custom prefinish options and pricing.
Widths available in this grade
3 to 5 inches

White Oak.  Quercus Alba.

Here in New England, northern White Oaks have a tendency for epicormic branching, which leaves a legacy of small knots in the grain of the wood.  We created our live sawn natural grade White Oak wide plank flooring to highlight these character marks.

Each knot carries the memory of a twig that once sprouted from the trunk.  If adequate sunlight was available, the twig might have grown into a branch, in which case it would leave the occasional larger knot you’ll see in our natural grade White Oak.  You can tell quite a lot about the circumstances of a given tree by examining its wood, and our saws open up this history for all to see.

Like all our tongue and groove oak floors, natural grade White Oak makes a hard, durable surface with excellent impact resistance.  This wood floor is ideal for any area of your home.   For those interested in the differences between the species, White Oak is paler than Red Oak, and its undertones tend to be gray or brown rather than ruddy.   Both White and Red Oak take stain beautifully.

Renowned for its resistance to rot and insect damage, White Oak is also used in barrel making and for the aging of whiskey and wine, since the tannins in the wood impart flavor. Remember that the next time you are enjoying a nice Chardonnay.