We Start in the Woods

It all starts in the woods, and our core products begin in the forests we steward, whether our own or our clients. We work directly with landowners to help them grow more value and volume from their forest. Our management tactics and income-producing strategies help deter development – the biggest threat to our region’s forests.

We are committed to helping our clients keep their forests as forests, and we do that by providing a market for their timber.

When you choose a Hull plank floor, you support local landowners and you sustain working forest that provide not only a source of timber, but also cleaner air and water, wildlife habitat, carbon sequestration, and recreational opportunity.

Your purchase helps promote a robust market for local wood.  Without this kind of market, subdivision and development become a more attractive alternative to forestland for most landowners.  We are proud members of the Connecticut Grown program, which helps consumers connect with local agricultural products.

When a harvest is planned, our crews do the job carefully. We hand select logs with beautiful grain or special features for our flooring production, and we utilize the rest for lumber.  Nothing is wasted. There aren’t many companies who do what we do.  Rare is the flooring manufacturer at liberty to choose flooring logs straight from the woods, and rarer still is the flooring manufacturer that manages its own forests.  We believe in stewardship for the long haul, and we have permanently protected our forests from development so they will remain a source of timber for generations to come.

Each fall our foresters lead free walking tours on woodlands managed by Hull Forest Products.