From Our Forest

For over fifty years, our family has grown trees, selectively harvested the wood, and hand crafted spectacular wood floors for our clients. We do this work ourselves to provide you with the highest quality wood floor at the best possible price.

Most wood floors today are made from mass-produced commodity lumber—limiting their originality and value to the customer. Most wood floors must pass from a manufacturer to a distributor to a retailer or even a contractor before reaching your home, with each transaction increasing your cost and decreasing the value you receive.

In contrast, a typical Hull plank floor comes directly from our forests and our sawmill to your home. We source our core products locally, supporting our region’s working forests. Then we harvest and mill the logs, turning local timber into flooring for your home.  Should you need something that doesn’t grow well in our area, or something that we don’t already have in stock, we will work with our network of sawmill suppliers to find you what you need.

Our family business connects us to the entire lifecyle of the forest. We are tree farmers, foresters, sawyers, and craftsmen.

In addition to providing forestry services, we manufacture heirloom quality floors, post and beam timbers, and other products from local forests. When you sell wood to us, engage our services, or buy our products, you support sustainable forestry practices and help ensure the long-term survival of our region’s forests. By sustaining the market for local forest products, you encourage New England landowners to keep their forests instead of selling them for development. This is important because the number one threat to southern New England’s forests today is development.

Forests are complex ecosystems that enhance our air and water quality, provide plant and wildlife habitat, sequester carbon, and offer recreational opportunity, rural character, and open space as well as forest products to meet the needs of society. We are proud to care for the region’s forests so they can always be productive.

See What We Make with Your Timber: Watch a Video of the Process from Forest to Floor

As a sawmill, we are at liberty to chose from among the very best of the millions of board feet we saw annually: we hand select the planks for our signature flooring, and we find good homes for the rest as lumber.