Spalted Maple Wide Plank Floors

Spalted / Ambrosia Maple

• Spalting is any kind of wood coloration caused by fungi. In New England, where we grow our Maple trees, the Ambrosia beetle is often the culprit who bores into the wood of the trees, creating a pathway for fungus to follow, hence our term “Ambrosia Maple flooring” for this unique spalted floor.

• A fungus can spread up and down the tree, following the vessels in the wood.  The result is a distinctive gray to brown streaking or swirling against the creamy white Maple wood, accented by the “eyes” of the beetle tunnels.  Ambrosia Maple is sometimes called “ghost” maple because the eyes of the beetle tunnels appear ghostly against the streaks. The streaks are truly natural and unique character markings, and they do not affect the structural integrity of the wood.

• Spalted Maple floors usually have a coloration of gray to brown to black areas within the creamy white wood of Maple. Spalted Maple is highly prized by woodworkers and wood enthusiasts for its unique qualities.

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