Maple Flooring – Ambrosia Spalted Maple

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Maple.  Acer.

Spalting is any kind of wood coloration caused by fungi. In New England, where we grow our Maple trees, the Ambrosia beetle is often the culprit, boring into the wood of Maples and creating a pathway for fungi to follow. Hence our term “Ambrosia Maple” for this unique spalted wood. Note that the coloration does not in any way affect the soundness of the wood.

A fungus can spread up and down a tree, following the vessels in the wood.  The result is a distinctive gray to brown streaking against the creamy white Maple wood, accented by the “eyes” of the beetle tunnels.  Ambrosia Maple is sometimes called “ghost” maple because the eyes of the beetle tunnels appear ghostly against the streaks.

Additional information



Plank length range

4 to 10+ feet

Average plank length

8 feet+


3/4 inch

Milled profile

Tongue and groove four sides


Unfinished floors available with smooth or skip planed surface. Prefinished floors available with smooth surface only.

Lead time

4 to 6 weeks for most orders. Additional 2-3 weeks for prefinished orders.


Available unfinished or prefinished. Contact Us for custom prefinish options and pricing.

Widths available in this grade

3.25 to 8 inches