Curly Cherry Flooring


Plank length range
3 to 10 feet+
Average plank length
7+ feet
3/4 inch
Milled profile
Tongue and groove four sides. Unfinished floor planks have a square edge profile; prefinished floor planks have a slight microbevel on the long edges.
Unfinished floors available with smooth or skip planed surface. Prefinished floors available smooth surface only.
Lead time
4 to 6 weeks for most orders. Additional 2-3 weeks for prefinished orders.
Available unfinished or prefinished
Widths available in this grade
4 to 10+ inch mix

About Our Curly Cherry Flooring

Sometimes when we’re sawing a run of Cherry at our mill, a wave-like curly figured grain is exposed upon opening up a log. The figure is even more dramatic after the wood has been sanded and finished. While the etiology of wood figure is unknown, theories abound.  Some think the figure is caused by an infection that causes the wood to crumple back on itself as it grows, others think it has to do with the soil in which the trees grow, while some suspect it is a hereditary trait. Whatever the cause, we celebrate this rare and beautiful figure by making unique wide plank tongue and groove wood flooring with it. While not available in large quantities, curly cherry makes stunning accent boards or flooring for smaller areas.

Please note that Cherry is one of the most stable woods we offer. Even very wide planks of Cherry exhibit minimal movement with changes to your home’s indoor climate. Cherry is also a very durable wood well-suited to any area of your home.