Curly/Tiger Maple Flooring - Select

Curly/Tiger Maple Flooring - Select

Maple. Acer.

Curly Maple, also known as Tiger Maple, is a figured wood. The grain of the wood grows in a distinctive stripe or flame pattern. Birdseye Maple refers to Maple grain that grows in a swirly pattern. Collectively these types are known as "Figured Maple" and they are among the world’s most sought-after woods. Scientists still do not understand what creates the elegant figure and distinctive pattern in the grain of some Maples. 

A hallmark of fine New England furniture making from the Colonial period to the present, figured Maple remains a favorite of woodworkers and wood enthusiasts for its beauty, rarity, and mystery. Our figured Maple floors are available in Select, Premium, and Natural grades.

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Curly/Tiger Maple Flooring - Select
Price per square foot for this grade
from $9.80
Plank length range
4 to 10+ feet
Average plank length
7+ feet
Widths available in this grade
3 to 8 inches
3/4 inch
Milled profile
tongue and groove four sides
smooth or skip planed
Available unfinished or prefinished
Lead time
4 to 6 weeks