Curly/Tiger Maple Flooring - Select

Curly/Tiger Maple Flooring - Select

Maple. Acer.

Curly Maple, also known as Tiger Maple, is a figured wood. The grain of the wood grows in a distinctive stripe or flame pattern. Birdseye Maple refers to Maple grain that grows in a swirly pattern. Collectively these types are known as "Figured Maple" and they are among the world’s most sought-after woods. Scientists still do not understand what creates the elegant figure and distinctive pattern in the grain of some Maples. 

A hallmark of fine New England furniture making from the Colonial period to the present, figured Maple remains a favorite of woodworkers and wood enthusiasts for its beauty, rarity, and mystery. Our figured Maple floors are available in Select, Premium, and Natural grades.

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Curly/Tiger Maple Flooring - Select
Price per square foot for this grade
from $9.41
Price per square foot for this species and grade of flooring may vary based on your choice of plank width and lengths, method of sawing, or other specific requests.
Plank length range
4 to 10+ feet
Average plank length
7+ feet
Widths available in this grade
3 to 8 inches
3/4 inch
Milled profile
tongue and groove four sides
smooth or skip planed
Available unfinished or prefinished
Lead time
4 to 6 weeks