Wide Plank Pine Flooring - Premium Grade

The widest boards on this floor are 23 inches, with plank lengths from 8 to 12 feet.

Eastern White Pine. Pinus Strobus.

Imagine waking up in a farmhouse in colonial America in the mid-18th century. The floorboards under your feet would look a lot like our wide plank pine floors. We mill very long and wide tongue and groove pine planks just like our early American ancestors did. In fact, our wide plank pine flooring was chosen by the curators at Old Sturbridge Village, a living history museum in Massachusetts, because it resembles an early American tavern pine floor. 

Our Premium grade wide plank pine has a traditional farmhouse look, and it is carefully selected from logs predominantly twelve feet and longer in order to ensure even growth and live red knots.  These logs come from second and third growth pine trees in the historic Myers Pond and Yale University Forests, and the logs are only harvested during the cold winter months for the best color retention.  Only sound red knots and very occasional small sound black knots or inclusions are allowed in this grade. 

We offer widths from 5 to 23 inches and exceptionally long planks for a historic look.

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Wide plank pine flooring lends authenticity to this Rhode Island home. Floor #418, our wide plank Eastern White Pine, premium grade, treated with a custom mixed stain and a pure tung oil matte finish.

Wide Plank Pine Flooring - Premium Grade
Price per square foot for this grade
from $5.01
Plank length range
4 to 12 feet; 6 to 15 feet
Average plank length
7+ feet or 10+ feet
Widths available in this grade
5 to 23 inches
Milled profile
tongue and groove four sides
smooth or skip planed or circle sawn/skip planed
Available unfinished
Lead time
4 to 6 weeks